WinDura Warranty

Windura / WinDura Warranty

The Windura Warranty: Window and Door Service and Installation

Windura warrants its products, service and installations to the original purchaser as follows:

Replacement Windows, Patio Doors, Entry Doors and PVC Trim

Windura will facilitate the Manufacturer’s warranty by ordering parts as required under warranty coverage. If any window, patio door, entry door part or PVC exterior trim component is to be replaced under the Manufacturer’s warranty as a no-cost replacement, Windura will install the replacement part at no charge.

If a part to be replaced has a cost due to an expired Manufacturer’s warranty, or any other factor, Windura may—at its discretion—quote a modest labor fee for the replacement.

Windura Direct-set Windows

The Windura brand direct-set window product comes with the following provisions:

  • Tempered glass units — 10-year seal failure warranty
  • Structural wood frames — 10-year no-rot warranty
  • Exterior vinyl trim — Lifetime no-rot performance

Original Installation

Windura guarantees the original installation of all products for a period of one year, beginning at the date of the project completion. Under this warranty, any operational problems, air, water leaks or other problems reported by the customer will be inspected by Windura. If faulty original installation has occurred, the product will be reinstalled or repaired by Windura at no cost to the original purchaser.

Factors excluded from this warranty include settling of the home, vandalism, fire, storm damage, or other factors beyond Windura’s control.

After a period of 12 months from original installation, Windura will inspect any problems as reported by the homeowner and current costs for Inspection Fees and resultant repair work will be quoted prior to the inspection appointment.