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Windura Direct-Set Windows: For a Classic Look That Endures

Windura Windows and Doors is the leading manufacturer of direct-set windows in Kansas City. With similar characteristics as picture windows, direct-set windows are often found in homes less than 30 years old.

Identifying direct-set windows in your home easy. Many homes built in the last 30 years have direct sets. They are typically tall non-operable windows, often in multiple groupings—with 2″ to 3″ frames or ledges around the perimeter of the glass. It is important that you identify these windows before considering replacement — see information below regarding important aesthetic issues.

Some common problems with “builder grade” direct set windows include:

  • Inconsistent design, quality, and exterior glazing-stops
  • Wood exteriors frequently with “finger-jointed” pine that rots and deteriorates
  • Water leaks that can cause interior damage and glass seal failure
  • Inefficient glass that causes fading-damage and high heating and cooling expense

If not too severely damaged, some direct set windows can be repaired. Homeowners must, however, consider the following factors when considering repairing their existing direct sets:

  • Even with new vinyl trim, the old glass can still develop fogging, or seal-failure.
  • Hidden damage may exist that won’t be revealed by simply replacing the trim.
  • A newly trimmed direct-set window may look different than others near it.
  • The existing builder-grade glass still presents an energy liability.

Direct-sets can be replaced with conventional replacement windows. However, there are significant aesthetic considerations to be aware of. A Windura professional will walk you through a detailed list of these considerations respective to your needs.

The Windura Direct Set replacement solution includes the following benefits:

  • Restores to the original look including replicating the glass-lines for window treatment compatibility
  • Full insulation installed around the frame perimeter to block air-drafts
  • Full frame replacement allows inspection and repair of any interior wall damage
  • Permanent “no-rot” vinyl exterior – can be left white or painted
  • Choice of primed paint-ready or stain-grade interior
  • Choice of interior glass-edge trim options
  • Tempered double pane glass
  • Energy-efficient glass upgrades to control heat and solar damage
  • 10-Year comprehensive product guarantee

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