Awning, Hopper and Sliding Windows

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Ventilate and Accentuate with Awning Windows:

Arrange awning windows singularly, with other window styles and doors, or even high on walls to maximize ventilation and create a wall of light effect that adds beauty and comfort. Similar to casement windows, awning windows are wider than they are tall and crank open from the bottom. They are well-designed, efficient and often complement double hung windows.

Hopper Windows:

These windows are perfect for Basements and Masonry Openings. With a gentle tug from the handle, hopper windows tilt from the top which make it a logical choice for basement applications. Hopper windows are also custom made to fit, which is an especially valuable attribute when dealing with masonry openings.

Slider Windows For a Variety of Window Configurations:

Windura replacement sliding windows, also called “slider windows” are ideal for presenting unobstructed views and maximizing ventilation. Available in various sizes and configurations, you’ll select from several options to achieve just about any look you want. For added energy efficiency and performance, ask us about our Fiberglass window solution.

All window style features include:

  • Energy efficient, high performing glass options
  • Dual weather strip provides tight seal
  • Multiple locking points keep window tightly closed
  • Maximize room lighting without sacrificing privacy
  • Matching screens for convenient ventilation

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